Insulated Picnic Backpack with Roomy Cooler Compartment

HappyPicnic® picnic cooler bag with food storage compartment is made from thick insulated material and compound with aluminum foil, waterproof and keep your food keep cooler or warmer.
Package includes:
1 soft fleece mat (59" X 51")
1 backpack with cooler compartment
Item Weight: 3.52 pounds

Durable insulated lunch bag with size 12"W X 18"H X 5" Deep, there are enough room to take food and drinks for your picnic or commuter use

Large picnic blanket - easy to carry
One extra picnic blanket is fixed under the backpack with adjustable straps and buckle, convenient to take it to anywhere you want. The soft fleece mat is approx 59" X 51" with waterproof backing, large enough for 4-6 persons to sit on. Picnic backpack is designed with thick foam on back, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to carry all items.
Roomy enough cooler picnic backpack bag - easy to clean
The bag of internal is made from waterproof aluminum foil and thick PE foam, food safe and insulated. Keeps your food fresh, keep drinks cooler or warm.
    Insulated Picnic Backpack with Roomy Cooler Compartment
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