Are you ready for picnic?

Whether you're looking for a gorgeous willow picnic basket or a canvas backpack sturdy enough for a long hike, we have the picnic gear you need.

Picnic Backpacks

The best picnic backpacks make eating al fresco with friends and family so much easier and stress-free.


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Luxury picnic basket is hand-made from durable and natural steamed willow by skilled workers.

Happy picnic to you!

Summer is in full swing and with the flowers in bloom and the weather (mostly) dry.

It's the perfect time to get out and have an alfresco meal with a willow picnic basket.

About HappyPicnic®

HappyPicnic® is a brand that speializes in designing,producing and selling picnic products,including baskets,picnic backpacks and so on.
Our picnic basket is made of wicker material, which is one natural material, is planted in a certain city of North China. There are two harvest seasons of wicker, one is in summer, the other is in fall, we can call summer/white willlow and fall/buff willow. Buff willow is thinner but more durable, it can be woven into different shapes of basket, and other handcrafts. Our wicker picnic basket is made of high quality durable buff willow, it can last for years. It is hundred percent handmade product, traditional, classic and attractive.

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